The most prominent feature of everyone’s face is definitely their nose. It affects our life in many different ways. We detect scents with it, we breath with it, but they also prevent bacteria to enter our body.

They are also important for the sense of taste, but they also have an effect of the sound of our voice.

You’ve probably never heard that the shape of your nose can tell many things!

This fact appeared according to a research by a professor from Israel, called Abraham Tamir. He gathered more than 1.790 pictures, sculptures and paintings of noses from different people, put also photographs. The people were from Israel and Europe.

He managed to associate personalities according to the different nose shapes!



It isn’t very common. It is a symmetrical type of nose which is narrow and long. People think it’s attractive, but according to studies, these people try to reach spiritual as well as physical maturity. They’re still very attractive because of it.


These people are extremely ambitious and headstrong. They are excellent leaders with a strong personality. They are efficient in organizing things and don’t make decisions quickly.


This type of nose is straight with tips that are stretched downward. The people are very optimistic and can discover a solution for any problem. They try to help other people and want everyone around them to be comfortable. They’re also very curious.