Today I am going to share a very simple remedy to get rid of all unwanted hair from your body. You can use this remedy on any body part, it will make your hair harder and in just a few days they will fall down and will never come back. You can use this remedy on your full body including private parts too but I will not suggest to use it on your facial hair.

For this amazing remedy you will need

Toothpaste + Baking soda + Fitkari

Preparation & Application:

  1. In a mixing bowl take one basic white toothpaste (like colgate), we need around 1/4 tea spoon of toothpaste
  2. Next add 1 pinch baking soda in this
  3. At last add 1 tea spoon of fitkari powder
  4. Add around half cup water in this and mix it until fitkari gets completely dissolve in this
  5. Now dip a cotton ball in this liquid and apply this solution on affected area
  6. Rub your skin with this solution for 5 minutes
  7. Leave it for 2-3 hours, you can also leave it overnight
  8. Wash it off with luke warm water

How often do this

Do this 3 times a week

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